Locomotor, Transport and Information
function in human organism are taken by active media with
autowave working regime!

SQUED Therapy

in your clinical practice

SQUED is an artificial active medium, where the processes
of self-organization lead

to creation of stationary or time-changing
autowaves - quasi-particles

Natural Therapy
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SQUED series Patient

Natural Therapy

Autowave Resonance Weapon
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SQUED series Specialist

Human organism
is a combination of
many pacemaker elements,

subjects to a single
rythm driver!

Systems that provide
control and integration
active medium




S. Yaroshuk
Prof. Dr. med. synerg.

Chaos in organism functioning tells about health. Periodicity - Reverberator may presage a disease.

Chaotic nature of oscillations in active media of physiological systems is more optimal for their vital functions than periodic one.
Firstly, systems that function in chaotic regimes, can re-arrange themselves faster and easier in case of change of environmental conditions, i.e.
the so called adaptive control is more easily implemented in them.
Secondly, “spreading” of oscillations strength along comparatively wide frequency band takes place in chaotic regime.
It allows decrease essentially the possibility of undesirable pathogenetic resonance phenomena,
connected with endogenous regime of Reverberator.

Establishment of chaotic nature of many processes of vital functions is highly useful, as it allows determination of etiology of many diseases and using the accumulated information from autowave processes theory,
the dynamic chaos theory, synergetics for their simulation mathematical modeling.

Proceeding from this information and from the data of simulation mathematical modeling on artificial active media, Doctor may solve problems of peacemaker impact for Reverberator annihilation.

Reverberators - major source of autowaves:
the origin of reverberators in an active medium can fully change regime of its functioning!