Information processing in neuron-active medium, being in excitonic regime

Locomotor, transport and information functions in human organism systems are taken by active media with autowave working regime.

Interest of biophysical science to the active media, autowaves and their local sources is not accidental.

Firstly, local sources of autowaves, which radiate either concentric or helical autowaves may appear spontaneously, like exciton is being abstracted from the concentration «vacuum» and moves further on inside of it. This circumstance, which is worth «special discussion», is applied by us in YIC-devices (see the technical attachment at www).

Secondly, (with therapeutic purpose) it is possible to provoke appearance in the active medium of «autolimit» sources of autowaves by external disturbance of medium – excitonic music and excitonic pictures.

Disturbance, which is limited by not only length but by «width» as well, or, in other words, moving disturbed state, limited in space by all the coordinates, is distributed in neuron-active medium at external excitonic action.

Moving disturbed state, limited in space by all the coordinates, i.e. moving quasi-particle, is called in quantum mechanics and elementary particle physics (at description of processes of interaction and characteristic properties of particles) exciton.

  • Exciton is a classical (unquantized) quasi-particle, displaying properties of both solid body (for example, in collision), and a wave (autowave).
  • Exciton can not be stopped, it exists in movement only, and reminds by such a property and by constancy of speed of photon-bose particle.
  • Thanks to availability adiaphoria, excitons can not penetrate through each other, and can be attributed according to this property to fermions.

In quantum mechanics each particle is assigned to a wave process.

The following statement (substantiated enough on YIC-simulation models) will be fair for active media: some autowaves have the properties of quasi-particles.

Applied sciences (especially military industrial complex) have evaluated long ago the technical refinement and efficiency of devices, where the wave and autowave principles are applied.

Their application, however, was constrained by technological difficulties. No such difficulties exist for animate nature and YIC-devices.

  • Exciton is easily formed, it is easy to control it!
  • Ordered excitonic regime puts in order human thinking and has a vast therapeutic value!
  • Excitonic music and excitonic pictures help to efficiently treat many functional neurosyndromes!

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