Every day and everywhere an individual encounters distributed dynamic systems, i.e. events that evolve both in time and space. Among them one can place complex real processes that occur in human society and many other… It is clear, that it would be nice to have a universal tool for analysis and modelling of complex behavior
of non-linear dynamic systems.

Today you hold this universal tool in your hands, and fairly good mastering of it will help you in the nearest future to find an answer to practically any vital question. This universal tool – YIC Active Media – is a purposefully constructed artificial active medium, whose self-organization processes cause formation of autowave structures of reality, which can be steady or variable in time. YIC software is practically applicable in many areas of modern science and education, and allows to make research of vital problems visual, easily perceptible and understandable.

YIC is an analog distributed device for information processing, YIC operation is not based on logical operations with mathematical symbols, instead, it is an autowave process, connected with evolution and interaction of spatial and wave structures in the artificial cellular active medium. An individual, who is used to a system way of thinking, is able to get from YIC cellular automata a “key” to understanding of real processes in rapidly changing outward things.

A PC with YIC Active Media becomes a “device” that can reproduce real processes maximally briefly and describe the core of the phenomena maximally simply, separating it from secondary and unimportant details. YIC user has just to be able to estimate structural stability of the cellular model. This is the minimum necessary for understanding of the core of self-organization processes in open non-linear media. YIC user gets a possibility to experiment, “play” with process progress and understand why the processes proceed in one way or other!

YIC software significantly improve social status of YIC user. Having YIC Active Media in his intellectual luggage, every educated person can find a high-grade answer for a raised vital problem. Moreover, one will find the answer by himself (without spending money of consultants),
and will be proud for a bold Algorithm of the action that no one did before.