Aspects of informational and psychological impact

Early in 1989 the session of the USA Congress adopted a “Joint Resolution of the Senate and the House of Representatives of the USA concerning the announcement of “ A Decade (ten years) of Brain” starting from January 1, 1990”. The resolution was based (with good reason) on exclusively practical purposes.

The research of the brain has been carried out using different techniques on all accessible levels. However, the knowledge about human brain touches upon our Inner Ego, that is why it turns out to be both exciting and threatening. Exciting – because we get the keys to our inner world; threatening – due to the possible consequences!
The explanation of the processes of the motion of nervous impulses through Synergetics (nervous impulses are spread in the active media and are considered to be an example of autowaves), just like any new discovery, has got both good and evil. We have got used to the idea that everything depends on the person in whose hands there is the understanding of the processes of motion of nervous impulses in human brain. However, that is not the point. These hands may first appear to be clean. But having received these powerful means of Controlling the neurodynamics of human as well as profound knowledge regarding the mechanisms of autowave selforganization in the human brain, the owners of “clean hands” are capable of moral degradation – and this is quite probable, because the form of government (especially uncontrolled) causes corruption and places a person beyond morality. That is why social consequences of applying the Autowave Control (i.e., resonance impact) to the human neurodynamics, or the impact of “autowave weapons” on human thinking and behavior, eventually boils down to the moral condition of the society!

This autowave impact upon the human thinking and behavior, I am going to name hereinafter as the Autowave Resonance Weapon (ARW).

Military Synergetics completely changes the whole ideology and paradigm of war! Each new kind of weapons to a great extent changes the geopolitical map of the world. Autowave Resonance Weapon is a very effective weapon of the millenia to come!

In 1991 the US President George Bush announced the last decade of the 20 th century to be a decade of brain research. Moreover, the American scientists appealed to the colleagues overseas with the proposal to mutually collaborate in the “Decade of Brain”.

What have the Synergetics specialists managed to achieve during the “Decade of Brain”(Center for Synergetics) as well as my “scientific school” ( ) in understanding the principles of operation of the human brain?

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Firstly, a very important fundamental achievement of Synergetics (the study of interaction of both living, including human society, and nonliving complex systems, where fundamental processes of selforganization take place), the realization of which was provided due to using “the subtle” biological, chemical, physical, mathematical research techniques (as well as engaging the scientists and practicians from many countries)
was the received evidence of the dynamics of nervous impulses.
Nervous impulses are spread in the active media and turn out to be an example of autowaves.
Papilar picture of autowaves on the hands and feet (fingerprints), piliar spiral autowave on the human head – turn out to be the “fixation” of autowave interaction in the nervous system (skin and nervous system have got ectodermal origin at morpho-embriogenesis).

Secondly, the knowledge of the fundamental laws of autowave selforganization made it possible for the Synergetics specialists to go further to purposeful constructing of ARTIFICIAL ACTIVE MEDIA and to the development of analogue distributed devices for information processing, the interaction processes in which bring about the formation of the n e c e s s a r y (for the specialists in human neurodynamics) autowave structures – stationary or those changing with time. The action of such devices is based not on the logical operations over the mathematical symbols, but rather presents an autowave process connected with the evolution and interaction of spatial and wave structures in the artificially formed active media.

Particularly, we may assembly a medium that reflects specific features of physical objects, using simple elements that change the condition in discrete moments of time according to a definite law depending on the condition (with respect to the refractiveness, excitement and absolute refractiveness) in which the very element and its nearest neighbours were in the previous moment of time. The nets made of these cell elements are called the cell automates.
Based on this knowledge I managed to purposefully construct nonlinear dynamic systems – YIC programmes possessing the properties that are capable of modelling the real and quite complicated objects.

The approach to the mathematical modelling of human neurodynamics using cell automates, as well as imitational modelling of the processes in the political, economic, social and military active media by describing the steps of YIC cell automat make up the so-called ALGORITHMIC APPROACH . This approach strongly differs from the usual approach based on the differential equations. However at numerical solutions of differential equations, these approaches join.
I managed to formulate an adequate description of the neurodynamics in terms of algorithms and this has changed the imitational modelling and studying the human thinking using computers. YIC-programmes make it possible to substitute the experiments over the objects by the experiments over the YIC models, and thus to make cheaper, simplify, accelerate the storage of information abour the object studied, fox example to model the activities of the human brain regarding the information retreaval, which is concluded in recognizing the images, subtracting associations and so on.

Thirdly, the knowledge of the laws of selforganisation makes it possible for the specialists in human neurodynamics to i n t r u d e into the processes of human thinking and control them. It is also possible to purposefully form the associative thinking system and the dynamics of human behavior or even of a group of people!