Criteria of the YIC programs
  • convenient management and usage
  • "comunication" with the
    active medium is easy
  • complete from the point of view
    of possibilities to solve
    fundamental problems
  • adaptive - allow easy transition to
    other modifications or data update
  • allow step-by-step changes during
    user interaction: simple models
    gradually become complex
Basic characteristics of YIC software
  • great freedom in structure selection
  • cellular model represents a general
    paradigm of parallel computations
  • physical world is represented by
    various shapes of activity -
  • structures, created of such autowave
    elements , placed on the "graphoid"
    represent the synthetic YIC-world
Therefore YIC user range
can be quite wide! Concepts, ideas,
and notions of Synergetics have wide
applications in economy and
sociology, politics and business,
medicine and psychology,
governmental management and
national security, thus influencing
our ideology.
Experts, Students, and even
Schoolchildren are mastering YIC
software with interest.
YIC users
Use of the YIC program
transforms personalities of adepts